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T_1.JPGSouvenir of Witten So.Dak soap dish
2 T_2.JPGSouvenir of Erwin   S.D. pin dish
3 T_3.JPGSouvenir of Parker S.D. creamer
4 T_4.JPGSouvenir of Badger Minn creamer
5 T_5.JPGSouvenir of St.Cloud Minn cup
6 T_6.JPGSouvenir of Stillwater Minn. Creamer
7 T_7.JPGSouvenir of Rochester Minn. Vase
8 T_8.JPGSouvenir of Jarretts Minn. Vase
9 T_9.JPGSouvenir of Fulda Minn goblet
10 T_10.JPGSouvenir of Minneapolis Minn . Creamer
11 T_11.JPGSouvenir of Lamberton Minn,
12 T_12.JPGSouvenir of Rosholt S.Dak
13 T_13.JPGSouvenir of New London, Minn Cup
14 T_14.JPGSouvenir of Elmore Minn , pipe
15 T_15.JPGSouvenir of Duqutte Minn.
16 T_16.JPGSouvenir of Paynesville Minn
17 T_17.JPGSouvenir of Norcross Minn. Cup
18 T_18.JPGDonnelly Minn toothpick holder
19 T_19.JPGSouvenir of Glenwood, Minn
20 T_20.JPGSouvenir of Correll, Minn
21 T_21.JPGSouvenir of Danvers, Minn
22 T_22.JPGSouvenir of Anstad Minn.
23 T_23.JPGSouvenir of Crow River Minn
24 T_24.JPGSouvenir of Middle River Minn. Cup
25 T_25.JPGSouvenir of Eagle Bend Minn
26 T_26.JPGErie Cash store Erie Minn
27 T_27.JPGSouvenir Ivanhoe, Minn
28 T_28.JPGSouvenir of Underwood, Minn
29 T_29.JPGSouvenir Freeport, Minn
30 T_30.JPGSouvenir Boyd,Minn.
31 T_31.JPGSouvenir of Nicollett,Minn
32 T_32.JPGSouvenir Raymond,Minn
33 T_33.JPGSouvenir of Wright,Minn
34 T_34.JPGSouvenir of Strathcona,Minn
35 T_35.JPGSouvenir of Paynesville Minn, Canoe
36 T_36.JPGSouvenir of St.Martin,Minn Pipe
37 T_37.JPGSouvenir of Hendricks,Minn cup
38 T_38.JPGSouvenir of Ogilvie Minn
39 T_39.JPGSouvenir of Hopkins Minn.
40 T_40.JPGSouvenir of Mitchell,SD. Knife
41 T_41.JPGSouvenir of Howard Lake Minn,
42 T_42.JPGSouvenir of Bird Island (very hard to read the name)
43 T_43.JPGSouvenir of Darwin,Minn
44 T_44.JPGSouvenir Brooten,Minn
45 T_45.JPGSouvenir Redwood Falls,Minn
46 T_46.JPGSouvenir Wood Lake,Minn
47 T_47A.JPGSouvenir St.Lawrence S.D.
48 T_48.JPGCyrus Minn cup
49 T_49.JPGCity hall, Appelton,Minn.
50 T_50.JPGHigh school, Willmar, Minn, made in Germany for W.M. Chass

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